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aquilombamento action

"quilombo became synonymous with black people, synonymous with black behavior and hope for a better society. It became the inner and outer seat of all forms of cultural resistance. Everything related to the attitude towards association would be quilombo, as long as it sought greater appreciation of the black race"

Beatriz Nascimento, Jornal IDE. No. 12. SBP, São Paulo. Dezembro, 1986, p. 8.

what we do

Collaborative and creative work are key aspects that design our activities focused on the respect for nature and promotion of a loving and ethical society.

We operate on several fronts, transmitting traditional African Matrix fundamentals in dialogue with the different forms of (re)construction and (re)signification of Afro-Brazilian references in the community. Such practices materialise our identity belonging.

We offer activities open to the public interacting with multiple languages, forms and expressions, including:

  • Religiosity from Jeje Candomblé.

  • Ancestral knowledge: gastronomy workshops, medicinal herbs and home remedies.

  • Identity appreciation: religious and ethnic clothing sewing workshops, aesthetic workshops (braiding and makeup), sexuality workshops and self-awareness lecture.

  • Cultural Afrocentrism: cultural workshops on capoeira, percussion, instrument construction, afro dance.

  • Aquilombamento (the act of build/ maintain/ promote quilombos): shaping our interactions, meetings, regional Black movement agenda, lectures, seminars, hosting visits from educational institutions (schools, universities, other third sector organisations) and develop educational activities.

  • Conscious management of the Territory: planting of agroecological and organic foods, agroforestry systems and bioconstruction. The photo below shows the task force to build our adobe house, which now needs to be finished with the roof before the rain can further damage its structure.

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