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Our collective house welcomes everyone who arrives on this quilombo. This space is our community elders' permanent home: Doné Oyassy (Rosa Maria Virgulino) and Tata Kejessy (Elvio Motta). Twenty-five years ago, the house was built with wood and covered with asbestos. In the present moment, our quilombo headquarters suffers from structural problems, not guaranteeing safety to residents and the community. The wooden house has termites on the ceiling and walls, which is dangerous to us and we are unable to treat until we have our new space. As a result of this condition, we started constructing two areas: the agroecological house to be the home of our community; and a masonry house where the community kitchen, classrooms and accommodations will be situated.


At this moment, we need your help to continue with the works and guarantee the continuity of our community work, welcoming everyone with love and security.  


A financial campaign is running for the year of 2021 to help the Quilombo gain the resources needed to help their community rebuild, educate, and take care of their people during the difficult time of COVID-19. Please visit our JustGiving platform to help us ! Your donation is tax deductible! Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or other ways you can help!

Our project partner

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